Simplify Your Finances NOW!

Do any of these resonate with you?


😵 Your stomach turns a bit when you think about your business finances and taxes.

🤔 You're not sure where to start with managing your money properly - but you know it's important to do as a business owner!

😑 You feel that numbers and math are not your strong suit.

😖 Taxes cause you anxiety and fear, and you wish they didn't exist.

😰 You're scared that you'll do something wrong or miss something and be audited and fined - or worse!

🙄 You're noticing your business is losing money, but you're not totally sure why.

😭 Sorting out your financial situation feels overwhelming, complicated, time-consuming, and JUST PLAIN BORING - so you've been putting it off as long as you possibly can hoping it will sort itself out when the time comes?



I feel you, my friend! And I have some great news for you!


My quick, easy to understand, and fun (YES, I said FUN!) course "Quick & Painless Finances"  simplifies how to take care of money and taxes in your business.  


I'll teach you the exact step-by-step processes, tips, and tricks for success that I shared with my small business clients when I worked as a Certified Public Accountant for 10+ years. One of my superpowers ðŸ¦¸‍♀️ is simplifying complex stuff!


You'll learn easy, step by step processes that will save you time, money, and stress, AND make you feel like you have your sh*t together when it comes to business!


Hi! I'm Alina - Your Magical Money Mentor.


After spending a decade working as a Certified Public Accountant, I've helped many business owners get started with their business finances with ease. Now as Business Coach & Mentor - I've made it my mission to help you too!


My favorite part of being in this role is showing my clients how easy & stress-free managing their finances can be and seeing that look of relief on their face.


It just takes setting up a few simple systems in the beginning and working with badass advisors to handle the details! This course will walk you through exactly what you'll need to get started.


YOU CAN DO THIS! Let me show you how.

As a fun bonus - Pixel (my Chief Barketing Officer), agreed to be my "teacher's assistant" for this course!




Imagine If *THIS* Was Your Reality


✔️ You feel stress-free, relieved, and CONFIDENT knowing that your business finances are taken care of and organized.


✔️ You're feeling like a badass business leader because your finances & taxes are sorted.


✔️ You feel excited about managing your money because it's EASY! (yes - really!)


✔️ You're SAVING MAJOR TAX DOLLARS AND you never worry about tax time again. It's all taken care of.


✔️ You're not scared of the IRS because you've taken the proper steps to protect yourself no matter the situation AND you know the truth about getting audited.


✔️ You have badass advisors in your corner that make this part of business a piece of cake! ðŸ° You just get to focus on doing what your love celebrating your profits!



Let's make this part of business easy so that you can focus on what you LOVE❤️️ doing in your business and making an even bigger impact in this world!


"I'm just starting a small business and felt overwhelmed by the prospect of all things finances and tax. This course helped to relieve much of the anxiety and dread that I felt. I very much appreciate that I learned some of the vocabulary I will need when I talk with a financial advisor and small business lawyer. Thank you Alina and Pixel!"

Kristen F. -Founder of Mobile EarSpa

Alina’s course is full of helpful information that every entrepreneur needs to know. As someone who coaches other entrepreneurs, having so many practical and applicable financial tips has been invaluable for me. 

Alina’s unique approach makes the world of finances feel a million times lighter. She is encouraging, informative, and extremely kind. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. She also incorporates her beautiful puppy Pixel into the course (whom I adore), which brings laughter into a space that is typically serious and sometimes flat-out stressful. 

 Alina and Pixel will lift your spirits, keep you mindful, and get you organized. I can’t recommend this course enough!! If you’re on the fence, jump off! You will be glad you did!"

Athena Dawn - Empowerment Coach for Entrepreneurs & Professional Singer/Songwriter

This Course Is For You If:


✔️ You're serious about taking control of your business finances!

✔️ You have a business in the United States.

✔️ You're new to business ownership.

✔️ You're not new to business, but you've been putting off looking at your finances.

✔️ You're looking for easy to understand, foundational knowledge on how to get started.

✔️ You want a reliable system to track your money and taxes that's easy to use so you don't have to spend a ton of time on this. 

✔️ All matters related to taxes overwhelm you, so you put them off.

✔️ You're afraid of getting it wrong and getting audited by the IRS.

✔️ You see the value in hiring professional help to help you with your finances. You just want to understand who you need to work with, when, and how!


This Course Is Not For You If: 


❌ You're not serious about your commitment to taking control of your business finances.


❌ You want someone else to implement the action steps for you. (Most of this will be DIY - although, I will refer you to a professional to help with more complex steps!)


❌ You're looking to learn the step-by-step of how to do your own bookkeeping and taxes. (I will teach you the basics of what you'll need to get started and suggest that a professional helps with the details.)


❌ You're primarily looking to learn how to make more money. (While I do talk about profit strategies, this course is strongly focused on the technical "how-to" side of money management in your business.)



What's Included?


*Go At Your Own Pace Online Course* 


⭐ 6 Modules Broken into Easy to Follow, Bite-Sized Lessons with Clear Action Steps as Quick and Painless as possible VALUE: $997


⭐ 18 Checklists, Templates, & Guides - Designed to help you implement with ease  - VALUE: $497


⭐ Lifetime access to the course + updates made in the future - VALUE: $$$


⭐⭐ Extra BONUSES worth at least $500 - including having me in your back pocket for questions!



Total Course Value = $2,000+

Module 1: Mindset for Success


We'll start this course off right with some mindset tips for success that will help you manage your money with ease.

Your attitude and mental strength are paramount to your success!

Module 2: Making Your Business Legit


You'll learn:

  • If your business should be an LLC, Sole Proprietorship, etc., how to choose and register your business properly - Featuring Special Guest - Attorney Mairin Van Shura with Solivagant Legal
  • ID numbers (EIN, etc.), licenses, and permits you may need and how to get them

Module 3: Setting Yourself Up to Earn & Spend


You'll learn:

  • The #1 rule of business finances to get them right!
  • How to set yourself up to get paid and pay your bills - all about business bank accounts, credit cards, merchant accounts, and more! What you need and when to set up
  • How to pay yourself properly as a business owner (p.s. it's not always just writing yourself a check!)

Module 4: Keeping Track of Your Money


You'll learn:

  • Bookkeeping basics - what to track, when to track it, how to start even if you don't have accounting software.
  • Easy to use tech that will save you time and make the process a lot easier.
  • How to read basic financial reports (and what they are). This will help you answer questions like:
    • Is your business making money?
    • How much $$$ have you made so far? Compared to last month? Last year?
    • How much are you spending?
    • What's your expected cash flow for next month?

Module 5: All About Taxes


You'll learn:

  • How to make sure you're prepared to pay for your taxes - no confusion = no surprise bills
  • The logistics of it all - what to file, when to file, how to file, etc. I simplify it for you via an awesome checklist. Never miss another deadline on accident again! (Also, no more googling trying to figuring out if you're doing it right.)
  • $$ Money saving tax strategies $$ - top expenses that are deductible and some tips & tricks to keep in mind as your business grows. Let's SAVE you some money on taxes this year!
  • How to minimize your risk of getting audited AND what to do if it ever happens. You'll never fear the tax boogie man (aka IRS) again! 

Module 6: Working with Badass Advisors


You'll learn:

  • Why working with accountants, bookkeepers, and other advisors is worth the investment
  • What to look for in a badass advisor (Trust me - they are NOT all made equal...sad, but true)
  • Exactly which questions to ask when you're looking for someone to hire
  • How to find a badass advisor (+ you'll get my personal guide of referral partners)
  • How to get more value from working with your advisors AND therefore save more money!

What Students Are Saying



"I was able to go from feeling completely stressed and overwhelmed to now feeling like I know what I'm doing with the money systems in my business."


Hayley Winter
Copywriter, Coach & Consultant

OMG!!! This course was life changing. For someone who has run all my adult life in the opposite direction of understanding my finances and how money works quickly became at ease while taking this course. 

This is a complete game changer for those who experience anxiety and pain when dealing with money, taxes, budgeting, etc. Year after year just the thought of thinking about the New Year always brings these negative emotions as I think about filing my taxes. I was audited by the IRS in the past and It was not pleasant at all. I have to admit I was a little nervous before starting the course, because of my past experiences, but I quickly felt at ease as my pain-points about money began to get addressed by Alina.

Overall, I feel much better about money, how it works, and the many facets when working with money. I believe this course should be taught in every school in America.

Donald "Dr. Purpose" Murphy 
Dr. Purpose Life Purpose Coaching

I am so thankful for this course! It was very detailed, fun (yes I know fun and taxes don’t usually go together) and easy to understand. This is a great course for a business owner who is clueless about where to start or who to talk to about their taxes. I am so much more confident when speaking to my advisor. Thank you on behalf of new small business owners everywhere!

Ashten Bryant - Artist
Claire's Cuties Reborn

I loved the format and feel of this online course. It felt very empowering to know the different aspects of opening my business because talking about this stuff makes me have so much anxiety. I was sure I was going to mess something up that would cause really big repercussions for me and the government. I was sure I would overpay for a lot or miss a crucial step that protected me.

Alina’s online course was so calming and easy going. I loved being able to do it at my own pace. I would recommend this online course 10/10.

Laura Bink - Yoga Instructor
Laure E Yoga

"What a tremendous source of information! Alina took a holistic approach to laying the foundation of any business.  Creating a perfect balance of mind and practical business practices to create a solid foundation for building a business. 

I would highly recommend this course for anyone starting a new business, and also if you have an established business and find yourself wondering if you did what you needed to in order to set yourself up for success.  Although I had already set up my company, this course really helped me see what I did right and also guided me to make changes to set myself up for success.  This course was well worth every penny.  Thank you Alina, my business is ready to succeed!"

Tracie Romero - Independent Insurance Agent
Colorado Insurance

 Enroll Today to Take Advantage of This No-Brainer Offer! 


As a Certified Public Accountant, I used to charge $125 per hour minimum for just a general consultation with a business owner.


This course contains over 5 hours of video content broken up into short videos + super helpful resources that will save you tens of hours when setting up and organizing your finances and taxes.


How much is your time worth? 


Total Course Value: $2,000+


Enroll today for just $222

Quick & Painless Finances Online Program Investment


  • 6 Modules Broken into Easy to Follow, Bite-Sized Lessons with Clear Action Steps as Quick and Painless as possible  VALUE: $997

  • 18 Checklists, Templates, & Guides - to help you implement with ease VALUE: $497

  • Lifetime access to the course + updates made in the future VALUE: $$$

  • Extra BONUSES worth at least $500! - including having me in your back pocket for questions!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Let's make this investment an easy "YES!" for you.

I'm confident that if you take the action steps inside the program, you WILL get your finances sorted and save money on taxes and advisor fees.

If in the next 30 days after purchase you go through the course and implement the strategies and techniques, and you still feel that Quick & Painless Finances did not provide you value and has not helped you with any aspect of your business finances, just send me an e-mail at [email protected], and I'll refund you the full amount. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

But Wait - There's More!

⭐Special Bonuses Included⭐


If you're like most of my students - you may be feeling a bit nervous or anxious when addressing your finances or about starting the process.


So I am throwing in these additional bonuses to help you feel even more confident and supported


Bonus #1 (VALUE $77)


"I Am Wealthy & Abundant" Hypnosis Audio


This relaxing, yet powerful, deep meditation hypnosis will help you build a healthy relationship with money and tap into the energy frequency of abundance and wealth so you can attract more of it into your life.


Bonus #2 (VALUE $47)


EFT Tapping to Release Financial Stress & Anxiety


I'll guide you through a simple technique that will help you shift your energy into a high vibe state FAST! This will get you prepared to be super successful with implementing the action steps in this course.

Bonus #3 (VALUE $397)


Q&A with Alina


Have a question about the content? Drop it in the "comments" section in the course portal, and I'll point you in the right direction or let you know what to ask your advisor!

I bet you won't find another business finances course that's co-taught by a dog as cute as this one! 


What are you waiting for??



Invest in Quick & Painless Finances Today!


  • 6 Modules Broken into Easy to Follow, Bite-Sized Lessons with Clear Action Steps as Quick and Painless as possible VALUE: $997

  • 18 Checklists, Templates, & Guides - to help you implement with ease VALUE: $497

  • Lifetime access to the course + updates made in the future VALUE: $$$

  • Extra Money Mindset BONUSES worth at least $500! - Including having me in your back pocket for questions!